Craig Copley Consulting

Professional Experience Overview

    Craig Copley Consulting, Petaluma, California (2008 - Present)

    • Business and management consulting for software development and publishing companies.
    • Manage and engineer custom solutions for desktop and Web based product needs.
    • Business strategy driven solutions including custom development and web implementation.
    • Project specific and ongoing product management and engineering needs addressed.

    Sr. Product Manager, Photo Enthusiast Products
    Corel Corporation, Mountain View, California (2009 – 2013)

    • Responsible for general management of enthusiast photography product lines working directly with Sr. Management. Development of product vision, direction, and requirements with day to day management to insure timely product delivery.
    • Product life cycle management including end of life strategy, Agile SKU maintenance, and regional language requirements
    • Negotiated third-party software licensing agreements for development of software bundles and “ultimate” product versions.
    • Worked closely with internal product development and QA organizations to insure quality product delivery.
    • Supported design and development of consumer iPhone, iPad, Windows RT, and Android tablet apps.
    • Drove acquisition of a line extension product & company and merger into the product organization.

    VP Product Development & Publishing
    Cosmi Corporation, Carson, Novato & Petaluma, California (2004 - 2008)

    • Responsible for product planning across all product lines. Maintained an active catalog of 200 products from both internal development and over fifty licensors.
    • Managed business development activities including product licensing, distribution agreements, and outbound product licensing.
    • Managed development and engineering team to create, modify, and deliver products for the all sales channels.
    • Responsible for the development environment and build engineering including the acquisition, deployment, and maintenance of development tools.
    • Managed QA for all products including internally developed, externally developed, and licensed products.
    • Managed the Technical & Customer Support team for all Cosmi products including inbound phone, email, and web support.

    VP Product Development
    Mattel Interactive / Broderbund / Riverdeep, Novato, California (2001 - 2004)

    • Managed development and engineering support team to create, modify, and deliver products for the OEM, Value, Retail, DTC, International, School, and Business Development channels.
    • Acted as development director and managed engineering for a number of product lines.
    • Managed technology architecture, direction and engineering for support systems.
    • Consultation as necessary with customers to support the licensing of products.
    • Developed processes to plan, specify, track, and quantify products through life cycle - focus on quality, timely, cost effective production while maintaining release plans across a broad range or products and channels.

    Director, OEM Development
    The Learning Company, Novato, California (1999 - 2001)
    Softkey International, Minneapolis, Minnesota (1996 - 1999)

    • Managed engineering team in support of the OEM Sales organization.
    • Designed and developed specific tools for re-engineering of products.
    • Designed and developed specific products for the OEM channel.

    Executive Producer, Manager Advanced Development / Technical Services
    MECC, Minneapolis, Minnesota (1986 - 1996)

    • Management of award winning educational products including Oregon Trail II, Yukon Trail, Amazon Trail CD, Africa Trail, and MayaQuest.
    • Development of early DVD-ROM based MPEG2 enhanced products.
    • Managed the development of cross platform development framework for simultaneous development of applications for Mac OS and Windows deployment.
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