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Skill Summary:


    • Management of product and technology development teams over past 26 years
    • Strong business analysis skills in software product line management including sales analysis, competitive analysis, end of life planning, update/upgrade planning, and product licensing
    • Management of projects across diverse staff units, maintain overall quality in products and continuity in production schedules
    • Management of broad array of functional units to meet requirements including core product engineering, release engineering, production & analysis, coordination, QA, mastering, archives, and Technical Support.
    • Development and administration of budgets; staff planning, hiring, and training in various stages of organizational development


    • Architecture and implementation vision for product lines and technologies used to develop and deploy products
    • Work directly with engineering staff on projects to insure technical excellence in product development
    • Knowledgeable in implementation languages and tools used across the Mac and Windows platforms
    • Experienced with products for multiple delivery medium including CD, DVD, and Internet


    • Broad background in all aspects of product development, business development, product marketing, and operations
    • Experienced in cross-functional team leadership and utilization
    • Expertise in corporate strategic planning and business analysis

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